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Is it best to have only one all-in-one security program on my computer?

Is it best to have only one security program on my computer that is an all-in-one security program?

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2011-10-06 22:59:52

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  • It depends on what it is. If you have something like Norton 360, it's all you need. The only negatives are an occasional false positive and it hogs up RAM and CPU (while scanning). Of course having a lot of little programs does too.

    2011-10-09 23:15:13
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  • The best solution is to have an all-in-one solution plus a secondary scanner. You don't want 2 of the same security programs running at the same time if both have protection turned on as they can conflict with each other. Using an all-in-one solution with a freeware anti-malware scanner should be all you need.

    2011-12-01 20:52:09
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  • Most anti-virus products do not have solutions to malware. So it is better to install antivirus and anti-malware at the same time on your computer. I have Avast and Anvi Smart Defender on mine. They works fine with each other.

    2012-06-05 08:25:13
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  • kaspersky

    2012-06-18 13:21:16
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  • Probably, at least I have only one security program on my computer

    2012-10-16 04:07:57
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  • I use Quick Heal Total Security.

    2014-02-28 02:58:11
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