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Is window 7 better than window xp?

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2011-06-27 16:41:54

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  • If your machine is well adapted for windows 7 with memory and graphical card, yes, windows 7 is better.

    2011-09-21 17:05:19
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  • Windows 7 includes many new features that were not included in XP. Also it supports the newest hardware and can deal with more system memory.

    Physical memory limits for Windows XP versions:
    Windows XP Starter 32Bit: 512MB
    Windowa XP other Versions 32Bit: 4GB
    Windows XP 64Bit: 128GB

    Physical memory limits for Windows 7 versions:
    Windows 7 Starter 32Bit: 2GB
    Windowa 7 other Versions 32Bit: 4GB
    Windows 7 Home Basic 64Bit: 8GB
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit: 16GB
    Windows 7 Professional 64Bit: 192GB
    Windows 7 Enterprise 64Bit: 192GB
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit: 192GB

    see more info at:

    2011-11-17 19:30:45
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  • It seems strange to praise Microsoft but I think they did a great job with Windows 7. It is far more powerful than XP and, with any 2Gb RAM machine (which is not that strange to have or at least not expensive to get nowadays), it is also faster and more reliable. I've been able to install and use perfectly my Windows 7 Ultimate even in a single core netbook... Big thumbs up for Microsoft.

    (PS: shame that they're rushing too much with Windows 8...)

    2011-07-05 16:59:18
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  • I use Linux and so should you.

    However, I have to say from a security standpoint 7 is FAR better than XP. That is relatively speaking -- they still don't have a clue.

    2011-06-27 16:43:11
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  • YES. It's like xp programming with vista graphics and some extra stuff added on. Vista's a fail, don't get that.

    2011-09-29 20:37:50
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  • Seven is much better ;)

    2011-10-03 02:19:29
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  • yes, absolutely

    2011-10-18 17:17:30
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  • the windows 8 is better that 7 and xp , so the 7 is bettr that xp . . .

    2011-10-06 12:03:44
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  • LOSE7, as I call it, sucks, plain and simple. You cannot use most of your older software in it, do not believe them about the "virtual machines" they're a joke. I use a dual boot system XP and LOSE7, so sometimes I need the crunching power of a 64 bit system, which mine is, and I can still get ALL my software to run in XP using a 32 bit OS - long story, basically XP 64bit has too few drivers to support most software.
    So, if you have all new stuff, get LOSE7; if a lot of old stuff, stick with XP.

    2011-10-06 15:23:52
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  • Windows 7 is more compatible then XP, better looks, somewhat faster. But takes more space.

    2012-08-16 01:51:35
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