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flash software to change my mobile phone from one carrier to another

how or where do i get software to flash my mobile phone

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2012-11-09 18:35:54

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  • If you do a search for free software there are plenty of hits. but these guys are highly recommended and last I checked $24.95 for the software that can be used over and over

    2012-12-06 01:51:58
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  • Flashing is suitable for CDMA phones only.If you have GSM based phone means,No need to flash your phone for changing your carrier to new service.But you will need to unlock your phone.Nowadays there are lot of ways available to unlock your mobile like using network unlock code,software,cable etc..According to me,I would suggest you to unlock your mobile using network unlock code.It's one of the best and safe way to unlock your mobile.You can get an unlock code from your service provider or else try to buy an unlock code from any one of the online unlocking service provider like Here they will send your unlock code through E-mail by specifying your mobile model no,country,network provider.Then you can easily unlock your phone from home within a day.

    2014-01-20 11:22:15
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