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How can I control DESKTOP ICONS?

When I bookmark my favorite websites, I see their own individual icon which identifies that organization. However, when I transfer that bookmark as a shortcut to my desktop the favored special icon disappears and all I get is the "Chrome" icon. I don't want all my desktop shortcuts to look alike!!! I want the individual icons that the organizations or place provide. HELP!!! What do I need to do so that the "($$$#0#$$$)" icon doesn't override the favored one????? HELP, HELP, HELP

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2012-07-15 16:08:02

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  • Hey, the bookmarks are organized by your browser "Chrome" this is why I guess the icons appear on your desktop as "Chrome". They are links, not really programs.
    Chrome provides 2 choices: most visited and Apps when you open new tab using it, you can freely drag one of the most visited websites into the Apps, so it becomes convenient.
    No need to store bookmarks as desktop icons as the more icons on your desktop, the slower your computer will run.

    2012-07-16 04:12:25
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