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how do i get my rpenabled back into registry HELP PLEASE

I have a windows vista and my programs from my menu have gone away dont know where they have gone and so ive looked up on the net on how it was to show you how to get the start up menu back and in order to do this i need to have rpenabled in my registry WHICH I HAVE CHECKED AND ITS ISNT THERE AT all so could someone pretty please help me , it would be a pleasure if you could. this computer is driving me nsane

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2012-11-21 09:34:26

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  • first - did you use any software, if yes, try reverting the changes made by the software, if that software have that option. try looking in the setting/options/backup...

    second - if the above is no or it dint work
    try system restore, see the list of restore points, check the dates, if there is one close to when you system got the issue.

    third - if the above is not found or dint work
    then a system repair would be needed (recommended only for advance users)

    2013-01-31 08:58:58
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