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Is it "safe"?

I remember with horror, the days I used kazaa, basically everything I DL`ed had some kind of malware, virus, or some other HACKERFUCK produced garbage atached to it.. But then again, they were mostly illegal torrents, although I didn`t really know/care about that at the time, luckily I`m older now ;) Nowadays there are several uploaders that are trusted, others are not. But, what about the site itself? where do sites like mininova, torrent reactor, and isohunt lie in terms of pc security?

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2012-03-31 19:25:46

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  • As these sites are only public directories of torrents, they cannot guarantee you that all of them are safe, but there are ways to detect them, like votes and comments.

    Make sure of these factors before downloading them.

    2012-04-26 09:36:44
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