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Is window 7 better than window xp?

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2011-06-27 16:41:54

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  • If your machine is well adapted for windows 7 with memory and graphical card, yes, windows 7 is better.

    2011-09-21 17:05:19
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  • Windows 7 includes many new features that were not included in XP. Also it supports the newest hardware and can deal with more system memory.

    Physical memory limits for Windows XP versions:
    Windows XP Starter 32Bit: 512MB
    Windowa XP other Versions 32Bit: 4GB
    Windows XP 64Bit: 128GB

    Physical memory limits for Windows 7 versions:
    Windows 7 Starter 32Bit: 2GB
    Windowa 7 other Versions 32Bit: 4GB
    Windows 7 Home Basic 64Bit: 8GB
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit: 16GB
    Windows 7 Professional 64Bit: 192GB
    Windows 7 Enterprise 64Bit: 192GB
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit: 192GB

    see more info at:

    2011-11-17 19:30:45
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  • YES. It's like xp programming with vista graphics and some extra stuff added on. Vista's a fail, don't get that.

    2011-09-29 20:37:50
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  • Seven is much better ;)

    2011-10-03 02:19:29
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  • yes, absolutely

    2011-10-18 17:17:30
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  • the windows 8 is better that 7 and xp , so the 7 is bettr that xp . . .

    2011-10-06 12:03:44
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  • LOSE7, as I call it, sucks, plain and simple. You cannot use most of your older software in it, do not believe them about the "virtual machines" they're a joke. I use a dual boot system XP and LOSE7, so sometimes I need the crunching power of a 64 bit system, which mine is, and I can still get ALL my software to run in XP using a 32 bit OS - long story, basically XP 64bit has too few drivers to support most software.
    So, if you have all new stuff, get LOSE7; if a lot of old stuff, stick with XP.

    2011-10-06 15:23:52
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  • Windows 7 is more compatible then XP, better looks, somewhat faster. But takes more space.

    2012-08-16 01:51:35
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  • adriavadriav

    Try Mac OS! :D

    2011-06-30 18:28:48
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  • Windows 7 is better overall. It's been proven faster, and actually uses less resources than XP. The only way you will truly miss XP is if you play DOS games because Windows 7 doesn't have DOS available.

    2011-12-01 20:41:20
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